Wednesday 26 June 2019

Quantum Filmmaking at 14th International Art Colony Gostivari 19, Gostivar (Rep. North Macedonia).

Quantum Filmmaking has had the pleasure of participating in the14th International Art Colony Gostivari 2019, Gostivar (Rep. North Macedonia), from 20th to 25th June 2019.

Special thanks to Draudacum Shafm, Reshat Ameti, Ylber Zulfiqari, Ismane Mehdi, Xhezair Rexhepi, Arjan Rufati and everybody involved in the organization of the Colony, for your hospitality and for making this creative week so wonderful.

More special thanks to all the artists in residency for being as authentic as you are, and for sharing your forms, colours, strokes and avant-garde techniques. And especially, for sharing your unique approaches to art and life. 

This week has been  a very interesting journey merging art and life: departing from the white canvases and going through aesthetic processes, enjoying coffees, lunches, dinners and touristic trips together... until the final exhibition, demonstrating the artistic diversity of the group. 

           X3 > Re-constructing the X (2019). 60 X 70 cm.
  Mixed media: collaging the offline with the online realm.  
 Photo by Snezana Grozdanovic.

X3 >  (2019). Screenshot.  
X3 was co-created by 7 artists during the Exhibition of the Art Colony Gostivari 19 
on 24th June 2019 at Gostivar Culture Center (Rep. North Macedonia).