Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Quantum Film Theory at The Journal of Creative Technologies


The recent development and implementation of multi-directional mobile social media in Post-industrial societies has dissolved the ontological binary opposition between film producers and audiences.  In this context, cinematic narrative as an art form needs to be re-appraised.  The convention is to study the form as a linear method of one-way communication, and an audio-visual semiotic system derived from Linguistics.
This paper is an introduction to Quantum Filmmaking, a new interdisciplinary participatory art practice composed by Kino-Present and Now&Here=Everywhere.  It provides a framework to analyse the Physics of cinematic narrative.  That is, understanding narrative as an artistic process of producing and receiving participatory video-collages created with camera-phones.  It also draws attention to transformations in reality generated during the ON/OFF line cause and effect chain.
This article develops an interdisciplinary theory of Quantum Film, merging subatomic Physics with Expanded Cinema theories.  It explores the under-researched influence of developments in Quantum Physics during the evolution of American avant-gardes in the 1960s and the ontology of Expanded Cinema.  A synthesis of the two is emergent through the practice of Quantum Filmmaking as participatory video-collage produced through mobile social media.
Keywords:  Quantum Filmmaking, Quantum Film Theory, Physics of Narrative, Participatory mobile phone cinema, collage narrative, eutopian discourse.

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